Saturday, September 10, 2011

Odds and Ends!

Things been crazy around here lately.
My workplace is moving into a new building
and my youngest son is playing football
for the Middle School Traveling Squad.
Between moving and football
there has been hardly any time to play
in my stamp room.
But I found some time to get at
least two cards done.

This Vintage Archery Birthday Card was for
my youngest son's (girl) friend.
Both of them are archery enthusiasts and
shooting for their schools archery teams.

And this card is for a friend of mine
who is been laid up after knee surgery and
is has been using a walker to help her get around.
Hopefully not for much longer!
I hope she isn't getting to mad at me!?

Pinwheel Doily!

I finished the Doily last weekend.
Starched and ironed it
crowns the top of our
couch now!