Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sailing into a new Year and a new space....

Hello everyone and welcome back!
It's been quiet a while since I posted anything on my blog,
I hope you will forgive me!
The days and weeks flew by,
things gotten busy,
a few changes in our household...
But before I get to that I would like to
share this " Nautical Birthday Card"!
My wonderful Great-Uncle celebrated his 83rd Birthday
this month,
so what better opportunity to wish him
a "Happy Birthday" 
and a great sailing into another blessed year
then with a nautical card.
 All images where stamped with Stampin'Up!
"The Open Sea" stamp set.
 Anchor was cut with Cricut cartridge "Stand and Salute".

I hope the birthday card had a safe voyage across the big
ocean and made it in time for the big day!

Changes! Changes! Changes!
A few weeks ago my oldest son accepted a new
position and decided it was time to find his own
little bachelor pad.
His little brother was more then happy when 
moving day finally came.
He was getting the bigger room now!!!
Mom still has to work on her feelings about losing 
one of her baby's to growing up and spreading his wings:(
Well long story short,
a room became vacant and available
and our family got their study back.

Well here is a sneak peek of
my little room moving expedition.
 From this...
 ... to this.
I'm having a ball! 
It's not all ready and
I promise I will post more picture when it's all done!
For the first time I actually have all my crafty things in one place!
I'm so excited!!!

Thanks for stopping in!
Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


Sunday, September 1, 2013

Blast off!

Hello everyone
Happy Labor Day weekend!
WOW, I can not believe August is gone and 
we are starting September,
where has summer gone?
It already feels a bit like fall outside,
I can't say I'm sad,
it's been a good growing year,
but I'm growing a bit tired of the study mowing
and yard work.
Ready to spend some time in my crafts room
and get my creativity going again!

Sadly this little "Blast off" birthday card 
was the only card who came out of my
crafts room lately.
 This was the birthday gift and card for
a cutie pie, who celebrated his 
3rd birthday in August.
Stamps are "Robots" from "Recollections".
I have to admit,
 I LOVE shopping for
kids toys,
especially ones who have lots of buttons
and do all kinds of cool stuff!
Boy, toys sure have changed since my kids where small,
everything is high tech now those days!

Thanks for stopping in,
hopefully my creative side will return soon!
To everyone