Sunday, May 19, 2013

OH so running behind... but catching up slowly!

Hello everyone!
Hope you all had a great weekend!
We sure did, the sun is out
and it is in the upper 80's.
With the weather finally getting better
we are playing the catchup game in the yard.
Boy, it feels so good getting out and getting things done!!!
Yep, flower boxes planted and hung
 and yes, HURRAY,
your veggie patch got finally done too.
I was really stressing about it,
we had the plants on the front porch for weeks
but weather and baseball seemed like to interfere 
with the planting process.

Sorry everyone,
baseball is also keeping me from blogging here lately.
This was actually my my "Mother's Day" card 
I meant to post last week.
But since the card works for any occasion not just for
"Mother's Day" I decided to post it anyway!
 The frame and flower girl was cut with
Cricut cartridge "Fancy frames" and "A Child's Year".
 One of my crocheted flowers and a piece of old vintage lace
adorn the card.
Sheet note paper was a page from an old children's song book
I had laying around.
 I think it also would make a beautiful Wedding card,
what do you think?

Remember the wreathe on my front door?
Well, a Robin decided to build a nest on it!
 Right on top!
Mama Robin sure took over our front door,
and it gets a little hairy especially at night,
when we forget about our watch bird,
she sure can scare the ... out of you in the dark!
Not only that, she also has the habit to bomb you.
So far the recipient of the lucky load is always 
 been our youngest son.
We always get a good laugh out of it, 
he on the contrary thinks it's not funny at all!!!

Thanks for stopping by!
Hope you all have a great week!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Happy Father's Day!

Hello everyone,
hope you all had a great weekend!
No I'm not crazy or extremely early 
to celebrate Father's Day
May 9th is Father's Day or Vatertag in Germany.
I made this card for my Dad or 
"Opa" as we call him at home.

 The card was very simple and easy to make.
Lots of laying and just a few stamped images.
 The little envelope was cut 
with the Cricut "Wild Card" cartridge. 
Happy German Father's Day
to all you Dads and Opas out there!

Shhhh... don't tell my husband
but he is a rake short in the garage!
Actually he already knows!!!
His first questions was, when I showed him our 
new door wreath,
"Were did you get that rake from???" 
I told him not to worry, 
I just borrowed it for a little wile.
Since I just took the screw out and
slid it of the handle,
plus it's just hot glued to the wreath,
no harm done.
So in the fall when I switch wreath he probably 
will get his rake back. 
I think it looks just grand hanging on our front door.
What do you think?

Thanks so much for stopping in!
Hope you all have a great start to the workweek!