Sunday, April 19, 2015

Going Scarf Crazy!

Hello everyone,
I hope you all having a great weekend!
First I have to start with a big apology
for my infrequent posting
but if you look at the pictures below 
I think I have a pretty good excuse.
Baseball season is in full swing,
the team is doing great,
 so proud of the boys!
 How much better can it get
a great ball game and a
beautiful sunset!!!
 Life is good!!!

Since I been spending a lot of time on the road
and on bleachers lately card making came to a shrieking halt.
 But not to worry, there is my other addiction "Knitting",
my portable craft!
I love wearing scarves, even in the summer,
so what better opportunity to add a few more to my
extensive collection.
Pattern for "Sommerschal".
 The scarves been going everywhere with me,
the hubby drives I knit,
waiting for the game to start, yep, I knit!
You could say things gotten a little scarf crazy!!!

 Beautiful yellow yarn,
Mimosa by Yarn Bee.

 Unforgettable by Red Heart Boutique.
This yarn comes in beautiful colors,
this color is called Winery.

 Some of the scarves are knit with 
"I Love this Cotton!" from Hobby Lobby.
 I didn't quiet give up on stamping.
After I finished a few scarves I thought they needed 
a little something to finish them off.
A 2 inch band to hold them together did the trick.
Stamped with Stampin'Up! set "Hand Knit"
 Some of the finished scarves.
They will make great gifts for family, friends and yes a few more for me! 
Lots more opportunity's to knit, 
Baseball season isn't over to June ;)

Thanks for stopping by
Happy Knitting!