Sunday, December 22, 2013

A very Merry Christmas!

Hello to you all!
I'm very excited to share this years
Christmas Card with you.
As soon as I seen the stamps I knew what I wanted
the card to look like.
A little bit of vintage with a bit of shabby chic.
Some old linen strips made into a bow.
An old vintage tag.
Stamp by Inkadinkado.
I fell in love with this Jolly ol Santa the minute I seen him.
Couldn't wait to get my hands on the stamp and play.
Stamp from Stampin'Up! - Santa's List.
"Dear Santa" stamp is also from Inkadinkado.
A doily and some embellishments 
and the cards were ready to go in the mail.
With some luck they will make it to there destination 
in time for Christmas!

Now since the cards are mailed...
...the stockings are hung,
the presents are wrapped and
the tree and house is decorated
I think I will kick back a little
and enjoy the season with
family and friends!
I hope you be able to do the same!!!

Wishing you and yours a
very Merry Christmas,
peace and all the joys of the season!

Diana and Fam. 

Saturday, December 7, 2013

It looks a lot like...

... a Winter Wonder Land!
Hi everyone,
hope you all had a great start to the 
Our's was a bit, "NO" a lot messy.
Mother Nature decided to deliver a 
little winter surprise.
Ice, snow, very slippery roads
and a snow day for my youngest son!
 I have to say the ice glazed trees looked very pretty.

 This unusual early winter weather really can put you in the 
Christmas spirit.
It sure does me and I
hope this means we are going to have 
a white Christmas this year!!!

Just a little card I made the other day.
 Lot's of layers in different shades of pink
and one of my crocheted flowers made
this very simple card just
Stamp from "Hero Arts".

Thanks for stopping in,
hope you liked what you see
and come back often!!!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Birthday Kitty!

welcome back!
Hope everyone is having a great weekend!
Things are finally slowing down a little,
the yard is been but to sleep and
looking out the window things are 
starting to look a bit bare,
just a few more stubborn leaves
holding on to the next stormy day.

Less yard work also means more time for me
to spend in my stamp-room
and more time to play a bit with my Cricut.
I created this 
quick and easy
"Birthday Kitty" card
with the
"Doodlecharms" cartridge.

Love using the cricut for fast and easy projects.
With fast I'm taking about 30 min. or less.
It usually takes me longer to pick the paper
and colors then putting it together. 

Hope you enjoyed this easy
"Birthday Kitty" card
and maybe you will try on yourself!
Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Happy Halloween!

hope everyone is having a 
great start to the week!
I for myself am looking forward
to Thursday night...
"Trick or Treat"
now we just have to convince the 
weatherman to come up with a
better forecast then a 80% change of
rain and thunderstorms.

 Well lets keep the fingers crossed so 
my little ghost treat bags can find 
some happy Trick or Treaters to go home with.

To all of you and your Families
a safe and happy


Saturday, October 19, 2013

Danse Macabre!

Hello everyone
and welcome back!
Wow, I can not believe its been a month since 
I posted anything on my blog!
Time keeps on flying by and 
leaving me in the dust!!!
Fall break came and went and
I took a few days of to whip our house into shape.
I have to say it felt good to de-junk,
clean and re-arrange
YES, I did throw away and
donate quiet a few things.
I think I reached the time in my life 
were I would like to change a few things and
definitely de-clutter my life.
I guess you could call it simplify things,
my husband probably calls it "Midlife crisis"
but call it what you want one thing is for sure
our closets and cabinets look a lot better!!!

And of course I spend some time in my new 
(a little teaser how it's coming along at  the end)
to make my Halloween cards
"Danse Macabre".
 Large background stamp "Danse Macabre" from
 Just some old sheet music rolled and tied up.
 The ticket was stamped with "Paperwork Greetings" 
from Inkadinkado.
 Candle stamp from Inkadinkado set "Nevermore".

 My production line is going
and I hope to get them all mailed out by Monday!

Well here is another sneak peek...
The room is coming along quiet nicely,
I added this sign (old boards + letters from Michaels) over the closet doors and
the two decorative iron corners I found at an Antique Mall.
Moving in was easy but decorating it is turning out to be a challenge!

Thanks so much for stopping in,
hope you will come back for more up dates on the 
stamp room!
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sailing into a new Year and a new space....

Hello everyone and welcome back!
It's been quiet a while since I posted anything on my blog,
I hope you will forgive me!
The days and weeks flew by,
things gotten busy,
a few changes in our household...
But before I get to that I would like to
share this " Nautical Birthday Card"!
My wonderful Great-Uncle celebrated his 83rd Birthday
this month,
so what better opportunity to wish him
a "Happy Birthday" 
and a great sailing into another blessed year
then with a nautical card.
 All images where stamped with Stampin'Up!
"The Open Sea" stamp set.
 Anchor was cut with Cricut cartridge "Stand and Salute".

I hope the birthday card had a safe voyage across the big
ocean and made it in time for the big day!

Changes! Changes! Changes!
A few weeks ago my oldest son accepted a new
position and decided it was time to find his own
little bachelor pad.
His little brother was more then happy when 
moving day finally came.
He was getting the bigger room now!!!
Mom still has to work on her feelings about losing 
one of her baby's to growing up and spreading his wings:(
Well long story short,
a room became vacant and available
and our family got their study back.

Well here is a sneak peek of
my little room moving expedition.
 From this...
 ... to this.
I'm having a ball! 
It's not all ready and
I promise I will post more picture when it's all done!
For the first time I actually have all my crafty things in one place!
I'm so excited!!!

Thanks for stopping in!
Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


Sunday, September 1, 2013

Blast off!

Hello everyone
Happy Labor Day weekend!
WOW, I can not believe August is gone and 
we are starting September,
where has summer gone?
It already feels a bit like fall outside,
I can't say I'm sad,
it's been a good growing year,
but I'm growing a bit tired of the study mowing
and yard work.
Ready to spend some time in my crafts room
and get my creativity going again!

Sadly this little "Blast off" birthday card 
was the only card who came out of my
crafts room lately.
 This was the birthday gift and card for
a cutie pie, who celebrated his 
3rd birthday in August.
Stamps are "Robots" from "Recollections".
I have to admit,
 I LOVE shopping for
kids toys,
especially ones who have lots of buttons
and do all kinds of cool stuff!
Boy, toys sure have changed since my kids where small,
everything is high tech now those days!

Thanks for stopping in,
hopefully my creative side will return soon!
To everyone


Sunday, August 11, 2013

Pretty Little Sign...

Hello everyone
welcome back!
Hope everyone is having a great weekend,
I have been spending some of mine
at the Ballpark, 
yes, Fall-ball is off to a good start
some projects I had on the back burner for some time now.
While visiting an antique store I seen some
pretty little signs made out of old barn wood.
To cheap to spend the money 
I decided to make one myself.
 My first stenciled sign!
And best of all, it was for FREE!
I did not have to buy a thing, 
old piece of wood, paint and 
even the stencil, FREE! 
 The stencil was cut with my Cricut.
After playing with the letter size for a bit,
the Cricut did the rest.
 This old cabinet door is been sitting in my garage for a 
few months now.
When I bought it, someone did a not so pretty
crackle job on it (sorry no before pic)
but I bought it anyway!
A few layers of paint, some old chicken wire 
my best friend, the staple gun made
this project a breeze.
What a sweet transformation!

Thanks so much for stopping by!
I hope you liked what you seen
maybe I get you inspired to 
try your hands on a stenciled sign project 
just  tackling one of your unfinished ones?!

Have a wonderful week!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

County Fair!

Hello everyone 
Welcome back!
It's the time of the year the County Fair 
rolls into our small town!
Funnel-cakes, Fried Oreo Sundae,
Ribeye sandwiches, Lemonade,
Tractor pull and Midway rides
just to name a few of my favorite things!
Oh, and of course Exhibits.
It's been a few years I actually entered anything in our fair,
it always seemed I never could get my stuff together 
when it was time to drop the entries off.
But this year I decided to get my ducks in a row 
and try again!
 My 3 entries ready to go!
Well, what do you think?
I tell you later how I did!!!
 Since this post is all about our grand Fair
I duck through my stash
and found
these two fair cards I made at a 
stamping get-together with friends many moons ago.
 The Midway
 My kind a ride!
Don't laugh but I'm serious,
the Mary-Go-Round is all I can handle!
Don't get me wrong, I love the rides
especially at night, they are so pretty! 
Hubby and I stayed for the Truck and Tractor Pull.
A perfect night at the Meade County Fair!

And YES I won a ribbon
actually 3!
First prize for my knitted shawl and the card
second prize for the photograph.

Thanks for stopping in
I hope you all have a great weekend!