Saturday, October 29, 2016

Happy Halloween!

Hello everyone
Happy Halloween 
to y'all!

I'm not sure about it all,
but with temperatures in the 80th for
Trick -or-Treating we might have to put those treats
on ice or they might melt before they make it home!
Anyway I'm not complaining, 
enjoying every bit of warm weather we can still get 
before the Brrrr... season starts.

I haven't been overly creative the last few weeks,
just trying to get all my started projects finished 
before diving into something new.
But I added one more little thing to my 
Halloween decor,
a little skull frame.
 Very easy to make, frame and stamp came out of Michael's 
$ bins and the paper is just a piece of scrap I had laying around.
 While digging through my Halloween decorations I came 
across this little door-hanging.
WoW, it sure is ancient, I made it when the boys were
still little and I thought I should try my hands on quilting.
I confess, it was a very short lived experiment and 
the little Jack-o-Lantern hanging is all I have to show for.
Heads off to all the quilters out there, I admire your talent!!!

And last but not least...
 ... Hurrah...
... it's finished!
My little afghan is finally done!
Time to snuggle up under it, well, 
I might have to wait for cooler temps do do so!
Anyway, now I have time to knit more Pumpkins, LoL,
 for my Thanksgiving decorations that is!

Hope you enjoyed looking around!
Have a Safe and 
Happy Halloween!
Thank you so much for your visit!


Sunday, October 9, 2016

Pumpkins, Pumpkins...

Pumpkins everywhere!
Good Sunday morning to y'all!
Well I did a little detour with my
knitting needles this week!
This time through the Pumpkin Patch, LoL!
But it was well worth it,
they are absolutely adorable!
 They are true stash busters,
anything goes, 
because shape or size don't matter.
 Little bitty...
 ... or large.
 From sock yarn to cotton and anything in between.
They are just to cute!
I meant to make them last year but never gotten around to,
but I'm glad I did them this year 
I already have a few more colors lined up.
Here are a few links to the patterns I used:

I promise they are super fast and easy to make
and the best of all,
you can't just stop with one!!!
Ask my Hubby, 
because there are now
Pumpkins, Pumpkins everywhere!!!

Have a wonderful day
Thank you so much for stopping by!
Happy Knitting, maybe "Pumpkins"?!