Saturday, August 25, 2012

Fiber fever!

As fall is approaching and cooler temperatures are setting in
 I'm slowly getting back to my other passion's
knitting and crocheting.
A little while ago a friend told me about a little fiber store named
"Blueball Mountain Spindle & Needleworks"
just down the road from were I live.
So today I was in the neighborhood and decided to stop in.
 WOW, just like the little yarn stores in Germany.

 Look at all the gorgeous colors and yarns,
don't you just wand to dive in.
I had a very hard time to make up my mind what to buy.
 More natural fibers for dying.
 Ah, I could have spend hours there, 
squeezing and feeling all the wonderful balls of yarn.
Yep, I'm a fiber squeezer, 
every time I go through a yarn isle I just have to squeeze them.
Just can't help myself.
Well, after circling several times I bought this wonderful 
green and gray silk yarn.
Both will make wonderful lacy scarfs!

So if you ever in or around Elizabethtown, Kentucky stop in the
"Blueball Mountain Spindel & Needleworks"
store, it's a real treat.
Or visit the store website
or blog

Saturday, August 18, 2012


Hi everyone, hope you all are having a great weekend!
Mine started with my guys going to the friday night High School Varsity football game, 
and me having the house all to my self.
"I Love Friday Night Football"
and now you all know why!
Then we continued with our son playing, saturday morning, with his freshman team.
Well, sadly both teams lost :(
Home now and enjoying the rest of the weekend!

I have been working on this flowerpot pen holder this week
and finally got it finished last night to were I liked it.
I brought it home from my desk at work to give it an overhaul.
A few weeks ago it fell of my desk and brook into millions of pieces.
I replaced the terra-cotta pot with one which was partially painted (ugly) blue.
After looking at the ugly pot long enough
I decided ...

... to add a little "Bloom" pick to the pot.
I sewed two pieces of brown paper together to make them look like a little
brown seed bag, stamped and added some embellishments...
 ... the ugly blue was covered up with old book pages (deco-paged) 
for the rim I crocheted a little cozy in a single crochet stitch pattern.
I did not attach the cozy permanently, I thought if I ever wanted to change 
the color, it will slips right off, to be replaced by another one.
What do you think?
Sorry I forgot to take before and after pictures,
I need to get better at this.

Thanks for stopping by!
Every visit means a lot to me!
Have a great weekend!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Crazy week and a bit of recycling!

Oh, what a crazy week!
Open House, school shopping with a Freshman, Football and OH there is my full time job...
... not much creativity going on in the stamp room and sorry,
 the blog did not get much attention this week either.
School started back on Thursday, HURRAY, so maybe our life gets back into a routine.
Back to school also means ...
 ... yes the start of my favorite season
"Football Season" 
... yes, we are officially back on the road again.
 Our first away game, just a practice game, 
but it was fun to watch.

 The boys did good and scored a few points.
 Found this old tire rim on the sideline and 
had to take a picture. I thought it looked to cool.
Well the week was not all wasted, 
I had a little time to decorate an old mini note book and a small spice container.
 Since the note book was so small I just used scraps
of odds and end I had laying around.
 I covered the ugly red cover with cart-stock and stamped it with
Stampin'Up! "Delicate Doilies for a little background effect.
 And I had to add one of my crocheted flowers.
 The same with the little container,
all leftovers from old projects.
Since the items were so small, it took me no time to put together.
Well, I think my little recycling project turned out quiet nice!
What do you think?
Thanks for stopping in and have a wonderful weekend!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Wake on the Beach!

On our trips to Florida and the beautiful Gulf Coast I always cherish our walks on the beach.
Strolling along the white sandy beach with my eyes firmly pierced to the ground, 
not to miss a treasure.
Seashells, Beach glass, coral or even a sharks tooth.
I can't stop picking them up, filling mine and my husbands pockets.
After a few strolls down the beach however he gets tired packing my finds
and smilingly refuses to put any more in his pockets, which I know could easily hold
a few more goodies.
He thinks I had plenty to take home.
Oh NO, you never ever can have enough seashells.
One prettier then the other, how can you pick and choose,
you just have to have them all.
"Next time I will bring a BUCKET"
 Sunset at the beach, I love how everything is bathed in pink.
 So many wonderful shells...
... how could you leave them behind. 
 The colors of sunset and seashells gave me the 
inspiration for this card.
 I integrated some of my beach finds.
 A recycled brown fruit net makes the perfect fishing net.

The stamps set I used on the card is Stampin'Up! "Along the Shore".
Paper is called French Flea Market from Bella Bella by Carina Gardner

Hope everyone has a great and creative weekend!
Thanks for stopping in!