Saturday, June 23, 2018

Traveling Yarn, Part 2!

Hello and Happy Weekend to everyone!
As promised in my last post,
here is the next installment of pictures 
from our amazing trip to 
Texas, New Mexico and Arizona.
I promise I will get back to more crafty posts next time.
 Just a little road sign which caught  my eye!
No sighting of Sir Hissalot, thank God, LoL.

 What a beautiful country we live in,
I wished we would have had more time to explore more
of Saguaro National Park, Arizona, maybe next time.
Breathtaking and amazing at the same time.

 Saguaro cactus

 "Purple Mountain Majesty" beautiful sunset in the park.
 On our way back to El Paso we decided to take a little side tour to
White Sands National Monument in New Mexico.
 It looks like snow but it is almost blinding bright white sand.
 Amazing that anything can grow out here.

 More sand banks.
 This sure was an amazing adventure,
so  much beauty,
Mother Nature never fails to amaze!
Beautiful memories made,
great visit with family and friends,
hoping to do this again one day!

Thanks for stopping by,
I hope you enjoyed the pictures!
Have a wonderful weekend!


Saturday, June 9, 2018

Traveling Yarn, Part 1!

Happy Weekend to everyone!
Sorry, nothing craftzy on the blog today,
just lots of pictures from our 
Memorial Day trip to beautiful
Texas, New Mexico and Arizona to visit
our son and catch up with some old friends.
And yes, as the title already is hinting,
this will be a 2 part posts, lol,
I didn't want to overwhelm you with to many 
pictures in one post.

El Paso Airport
 Well, the knitting went with me,
however the breathtaking view and all the sightseeing
kept me from getting much done.
This was the view from our hotel room.
 Franklin Mountain State Park,
McKelligon Canyon.

The local wildlife.
 If you ever visit El Paso, this is one stop you have to make
"Wyler Aerial Tramway"
you won't regret it!

 The 360 degree view is amazing.
El Paso, Texas and Ciudad Juarec, Mexico.
 Can you see the Sun Bowl Stadium, University of Texas? 
We also visited the Old Ysleta Mission, 
 the oldest parish in the State of Texas.

We had a great time visiting El Paso and the surrounding area.
It sure is a different kind of beautiful but we enjoyed every minute of it.
In my next post I will take you to 
Tucson, Arizona and the Saguaro National Park
and a few pictures of White Sands, New Mexico.
Hope to see you back soon!
Thanks for stopping by!
Have a wonderful week!