Sunday, October 9, 2016

Pumpkins, Pumpkins...

Pumpkins everywhere!
Good Sunday morning to y'all!
Well I did a little detour with my
knitting needles this week!
This time through the Pumpkin Patch, LoL!
But it was well worth it,
they are absolutely adorable!
 They are true stash busters,
anything goes, 
because shape or size don't matter.
 Little bitty...
 ... or large.
 From sock yarn to cotton and anything in between.
They are just to cute!
I meant to make them last year but never gotten around to,
but I'm glad I did them this year 
I already have a few more colors lined up.
Here are a few links to the patterns I used:

I promise they are super fast and easy to make
and the best of all,
you can't just stop with one!!!
Ask my Hubby, 
because there are now
Pumpkins, Pumpkins everywhere!!!

Have a wonderful day
Thank you so much for stopping by!
Happy Knitting, maybe "Pumpkins"?!


Sunday, September 25, 2016

It's Fall Y'all and Time to Dress up the Cat!

Good Sunday morning to everyone
yes, Fall has officially arrived!
Now the only thing missing is the 
fall like temperatures! 
But to get you a bit in the mood of the upcoming
Halloween season I actually (for a change) got an
early start on my cards!
"Dress up the Cat"
is for all my cat loving friends,
including me.
 Kitty is stamped with the new Art Impression stamp set "Howl-oween".
 Sparkly pumpkin embellishment.
 The kitty is the spitting image of one of our fur babies,
our Russian Blue "Max",
and "No" we do not dress him up for Halloween,
also he should wear a cape on occasion, 
the way he flies through the house and over furniture, LoL!
The letters for "Boo!" are dies and 
the spider web was cut with Cricut cartridge
"Potions and Spells".
The itty bitty spiders are a punch.
 I hope you liked my
"It's Halloween...
time to dress up the cat"
The stamp set also features a cute dressed up doggie,
I might get creative and make a few cards 
for my dog loving friends!

Last but not least a little update on my
 crochet afghan...
... it's growing nicely...
... just a few more color sets to go.
I have to admit the longer I been working on it
the more I fall in love with the colors and pattern.
It sure will keep me warm on cold winter nights!

Thank you so much for taking time to stop by!
Just curious, do you dress up your pet for
Have a wonderful week,
to next time!


Saturday, September 10, 2016

Flying high!

 Hello everyone
I'm hoping you are having a great weekend!
It's still hot around here
but you can feel a bit of Fall in the air.
The County and State Fair has come and gone,
school is back in session,
the morning air is a bit crisper and
some of our trees are losing their leaves.
I'm not sure I'm ready for Fall or even what comes
after it, I wished summer could last forever!
Anyway,  welcome to September!
September marks not only the beginning of Fall
but is also my uncles Birthday month.
So for the special occasion I created this
Hot Air Balloon card for him.  
 "Flying High"
Image was stamped with a 7gypsies stampset
by Hampton Art.
 Hot Air Balloon was cut with the Cricut  cartridge
"Victorian Romance" in two different sizes.
4 inches for the background and 
2.5 inches for the smaller front one.

 A bit of sparkle.
I know, the Balloons are actually meant for
Valentines Day,
but they were the only ones I could find on my cartridges
and since I'm sending lots of love his way,
they will work! 

Thank you so much for stopping by!
Hope you have a great weekend 
and a wonderful week ahead!


Sunday, August 28, 2016

Textured Afghan Planked!

Happy Sunday to everyone!
Well I did it again!
I started a new project before I finished my old one!
But I couldn't resist, the afghan was just to cute
and I really wanted to try out the pattern!
And best of all, I found the pattern book on our
Libraries bargain table, 25 cents,
now who could resist that?!
 Originally called "Pale Green Textured Blanked"
but after taking inventory of my yarn stash 
I decided on a bit different color theme.
The new color line up.  
 The bargain book.
"Crocheted Afghans" by Melody Griffiths.
Just love how the classic waffle stitch gives the 
afghan that wonderful texture.
I'm hoping to get the blanket done before the weather turns cooler,
oh yes, and my fall cowl too! 
Looks like I'm going to be busy 
knitting and crocheting the next few weeks!

Thank you so much for stopping in!
Hope you all have a great week 
maybe I got you inspired to start a new project! 


Sunday, August 14, 2016

Believe in your Dreams!

Hello everyone!
Hope your weekend is going well!
I been busy in my stamp-room 
creating cards for upcoming 
Birthdays and other occasions
on top of trying to keep up with our crazy yard.
The grass is growing faster then we can mow it,
it's August, it supposed to be brown and dead,
not so this year, we are at it twice a week, 

But I was able to squeeze in some playtime
and made a card for a sweet 
friend and co-worker who is leaving us to
follow her dream in becoming self-employed!
 "Believe in your Dreams"
is for her!
 Sentiment from Inkadinkado stamp set
Flower from Stampin'Up! set "Friends".
 One of my crocheted flowers.
Pattern for Daisy flower here.

 Butterflies were leftovers from previous projects. 
I hope she liked the card!

Thanks so much for stopping by!
Wishing you a great weekend 
a wonderful week!


Sunday, July 31, 2016

Playing with Flowers!

I'm hoping everyone is having
a great weekend!
First I would like to say
"Thank you"
to everyone who came over for
a visit to my
blog post.
You are all awesome!
Thanks you so much for the 
many kind comments,
they mean the world to me!!!

A few weeks ago I was playing with some 
flower punches, die cuts and my
newly acquired
WeR memory keepers 1-2-3 punch board
and here is the result...
 ... A Flower Pot Card!
 After re-arranging a few/many times
and playing with different flower shapes and sizes,
it finally fell into place.
 Still need a little more play time with the new punch board
but the bow turned out o.k.
This was my first Flower Pot card
and it took me quiet awhile to get the flowers picked
and arranged
the way I wanted it to look.
Well what do you think?

Thanks for stopping by,
hope everyone is having a great week!


Friday, July 15, 2016

Where Bloggers create 2016!

welcome to my favorite blog party of the summer
"Where Bloggers Create 2016". 
First I would like to thank Karen Valentine of
for hosting this wonderful event.
Thanks Karen for all your
hart work to make this event happen!
And thanks to all of you for stopping by
and partying along!

While working on this blog post I realized how similar this 
post is to what I posted last year,
nothing much changed,
still the same yellow walls and
yes, the room is still an "organized" mess.
I had the feeling I had to come up with a
different approach to this years party post.
So sitting here,
I asked myself the question
"Where do I create?"
And there it was, 
not just one space but several
in and around our home.

So with no further delay here is a tour of
my creative spaces!!!
Still my favorite space in our house,
my stamp-room. 
 Come one in and take a look.
The little shelf holds some of my Stampin'Up!
and other stamps.
 My little desk where I make all my cards
and many of my other craftzy creations. 
The window is overlooking the back yard.
 The little dresser drawer hold all my
dies, embossing folders and
some other odds and ends.
 What's behind the door you ask...
... well...
 ... that's where I hide the mess.
Organized in one way or the other.
 I love to display my stamps or 
you could say I decorate the house with them.
 Recycled cork board.
 More shelving.
 How many cowls can one chair hold?
The sewing corner.
Finally uncovered the sewing machine 
and working on some small projects,
I gotten a bit rusty over the years.
The cutting corner, Cricut and all.
 Found the cute little shutters in an antique store
in Glendale, Ky.

 More storage under the cutting table.
 Hope you liked my favorite room in the house,
but wait their is more...
 ... our study, this used to be my crafts room,
maybe you can remember,
I like to forget,
well its all tidied up now
and holds all my craft books,
computer stuff and
bits and pieces of my other addiction,
yarn and knitting.
 My knitting chair,
perfect on cold winter or rainy days.
 Hello Sock monkeys!
Are you ready for more?
Let's move to the great outdoors...
 ... welcome to our porch,
great for knitting, reading or just sitting!
Lot's of cowls get created here on breeze summer days.
 Last but not least,
my little retreat,
this is where I go after a long day at work,
sitting in an office with no windows.
This is one of my favorite spots in our yard,
my veggie patch.
 Love getting my hands dirty after a stressful day,
it's therapy for me.
Or just sitting in the shade and watching the world go by.
Mostly critter watching,listening to the birds and
finding inspiration for a new project. 
 The garden shed with ...
... a Bistro set we found at the flea market 
on the front porch.
I hope I didn't bore you all to much
and you enjoyed the tour of
my creative spaces.
So with the view of our peaceful and quiet back yard
I let you go to explore all the other fabulous blogs.
Hope to see you around,
love to heare from you
Thank You so much for stopping by!
Happy blog hop Party!