Sunday, June 18, 2017

Find My Fade!

Hello everyone
Happy Father's Day weekend
to all of you!
I hope you spoiled the special man
in your life today!
And to all the men, sons and daughters serving our country 
and cannot be with their loved ones today  
"Happy Father's Day"
Thank you for your sacrifice!

Well in case you have been wondered about all the knitting posts lately
"No" I have not giving up card making,
 just visiting with an old friend "knitting".
With the wonderful summer weather, 
this is a more portable craft to do outside.
Sitting on the porch or anywhere in the yard and knitting!
Sheer heaven! 
As promised in the last post here is my
 Fade Shawl 
line up.
 I'm still not sure about my last color, 
the bright green called "Appletini" by "Zen Yarn Garden".
The good thing, I have a bit to decide if I want to change it 
to something else.
This summer project will take a while.
 Section 1 and 2 done, ready for section 3 and the melting in part.
Section 1 and 2 are knit in color "Mike the Tiger" 
Zen Garden Serenity Glitter Sock.
 Section 4
 I love this color, 
shades of gold and pink,
"Anticipation"  by "The Yarn of Richard Devrieze".
Only 9 more sections to go...
... and oh no, I got a bit sidetracked again.
I decided to participate in a
by Kristina Vilimaite 
Hop on over and take a peek,
you might want to join this fun KAL project, 
the pattern is for free!

Well I off to the porch for some more knitting,
ready to start section 5 and some more color melding
 on my Fade shawl!
Thanks so much for stopping by!
Have a wonderful 
Father's Day
a great week!


Saturday, June 3, 2017

McNeedles or My kind of Heaven!

Hello everyone!
I hope you enjoying your weekend so far!

I know some of us got spoiled with a 4 day
 Memorial Day holiday weekend last week,
 so 2 days off seem like a little letdown.
I'm with you, weekends should be longer,
so we can do more fun stuff,
like a trip to my favorite yarn store
Why you ask is this my favorite store,
let me show you...
 ... Welcome to "McNeedles"
located in this beautiful old shotgun house in 
Lacombe, Louisiana.
When you open the door you will be welcomed 
by the sweetest Ladies you have ever met
and 2 adorable doggies.
So let's come on in and take a peek
at all the wonderful goodies.

 Is your mouth watering yet?
 It takes a while to take it all in.
 The hardest part is what yarn and color to choose 
because they are all so..o yummy!
Knitting bags and other accessories.
Samples and patterns.
More eye-candy.

The sweetest Ladies,
 Miss Pam and Miss Maria hard at work,
winding all that yarn I bought,
7 skins,
eternally thankful!
My arm probably would have fallen off 
doing it myself. 

 Every room filled with so much beauty.
I wished I could stay forever!
Adorable baby projects.
Oh no, I have to leave and go back to Kentucky,
I will be back in a bit 
and in the mean time there is online ordering, LoL,
don't tell the hubs!
 So what did I buy...
... well this is part of it.
The wound yarn in the middle is
 "Mrs. Crosby loves to Play" yarn
in color "Tiger Lily" which will  be part
of my "Find your Fade" shawl.
I will refile the other yarns and colors at my next post,
really hoping to start the shawl this coming week
soon as I get the other project finished.

I hope you enjoyed the little tour of 
and if you in the neighborhood please stop in and say "Hello"
just visit them online
I promise you won't be disappointed!

Thanks for stopping by!
Have a wonderful week!


Saturday, May 20, 2017

A Vintage Lady and some Knitting

Hello everyone,
I hope you enjoying your 
I'm taking a short break from yard work 
so I can get this blog post done,
no complaining here,
I'm a bit sore from pushing the mower,
pulling weeds and getting my garden planted!
So yes, sitting down feels really good!

A while back I made this beautiful 
vintage silhouette card for my mom's birthday
and I'm finally getting around sharing it with you all.
 The "Vintage Lady" Birthday Card.
 Silhouette was cut with Cricut cartridge "Heritage"
and the frame is Cricut cartridge "Sophisticated". 
 Flowers are punched and layered.
 Rhinestones for some extra sparkle. 
A beautiful card for a beautiful Lady!

And yes I got some knitting projects finished too..
 ...remember the cute little "Fish Cocoon",
it's ready for the new arrival in August.
And my stash busting shawl...
 ... all done and ready to wear.
 I really enjoyed this little knitting project,
not just because it was fast and easy but also because the
colors and pattern came together so amazingly...
..and they are all leftovers from other projects.
You just have to love that!
The shawl is called "Debut" 
by The Yarn Juice - Katiuscia Bayslak.

Thanks you so much for taking time and stopping by!
Hope you have a wonderful creative week!


Saturday, May 6, 2017

The Quarter Stitch and Broken Wings

Hello and
happy weekend to y'all!

I will apologize ahead of time!!!
This post is a bit long,
As always, I could not make up my mind which pictures to post
so, I did them all.

For quiet a while I been burning to stop by
"The Quarter Stitch" 
in the French Quarter of New Orleans
and on this trip home it finally happened.
 Tucked away in the shadows of St. Louis Cathedral
on Chartres Street is this adorable little knitting shop...
 ... The Quarter Stitch.
So come on in and take a look around with me.

 Is your mouth watering yet?

 Yes, maybe I lied a bit, it's not that little,
and it's filled to the rim with beautiful yarns, fiber 
and needlepoint supplies.
Maybe on your next visit to the Crescent City 
you find a minute or two to stop by
 Even your purchase gets wrapped in an extraordinary way,
with little punched hearts in the bottom of the bag,
like a little gift from fiber heaven!
 And this is what I bought,
3 skeins of Colinette Calligraphy in Elephant's Dream
for a sweet shoulder wrap creation.
 I was fortunate to test knit this stunning wrap called
"Broken Wings"
for a very creative friend of mine
It only took me a few days to finish and
I loved how the yarn, color and pattern came together so beautifully.
Here are the links to the pattern
Happy knitting!
Just one more...
... I'm really trying to make use of my odds and ends,
so after some searching I found this pattern called
It looks like you can use whatever leftovers you 
have laying around
and what you see is my color/odds and ends line up.
Hello New Project!

Thank you so much for stopping by!
Hope you have a wonderful creative week!


Saturday, April 22, 2017

Rainy Day Knitting!

Hello everyone,
hope your weekend is of to a good start!
It a bit cold and rainy in Kentucky today
so I figured sharing some 
warm and cozy knitting projects with you
 would be appropriate. 

Yes, I finally finished my cowl,
or  the supposed to be cowl, LoL,
I changed my mind at the end and
decided not to join the ends.
So the cowl became a scarf!
 And who knows, maybe I will change my mind again?!
 Knitted with Classic Elite Yarn "Firefly" in color "Rust".
 So glad it's done,
I been working on this, on and off,
more off, since last July.
I get sidetracked easily with new projects... 
 ... but for the last few weeks I promised myself
I would not start another knitting project unless the scarf was done!!! 
And I did... is my newest adventure...
...Baby Fish Cocoon!
A gift for friends expecting,
you guessed it right,
a baby girl!
You can find the pattern in the book
"Knitted Animal Nursery" by Fiona Goble.
The pattern is super easy to follow 
and for the yarn I chose 

Baby Bee - Sweet Delight Chunky in Pink-a-boo marbled
Yarn Bee - Alpine Authentic in Purple multicolored

both found at Hobby Lobby.

A little tip! If you do not want to purchase the book,
just visit your local library and see if they can get it for you!!!
Our Library Rocks,
of course I work there!!!
Sorry, tooting my own horn here!!! 

 Thank you so much for stopping by,
have a great weekend
a wonderful week!