Friday, December 7, 2012

All wrapped up in...

... the spirit of Christmas cards and crafts!
Sorry everyone, it's been a while since I posted anything,
but as you can see my stamp-room looks a little 
on the crazy side right now.
And I have to admit I'm doing it to myself,
dragging my heels to the last minute to get my 
Christmas cards made.
Up at 6 a.m.
 The insights and backs of my cards are all stamped.
 The help just arrived.
 Line production in poinsettia making.
 A sneak peek of this years Christmas card.
I will reveal the whole card after I mailed off
the last ones.
Don't want to spoil the surprise for the recipient!

Well and here is the other reason I been absent
"I have been out shopping".
Love this time of year with all the Christmas Bazaars,
Craft Fairs and Antique shows.
I'm always looking forward to our Homemakers Bazaar and the 
local schools Christmas Bazaars. 
So many talented local artists!
So much to see, so many ideas to take home and try out myself!
And my downfall..
... there is one every weekend!
 Found the ice skates on ebay for $7.00...
 ... And this skinny snowman at a local crafts store.
 He used to be a tobacco stick, who would have known! 
... an old  sleigh from an antique store...
... and last but not least,
this used to be an old mirror I bought for $6.00.
Add white spray paint and chalkboard paint
and this beauty adorns my kitchen wall now.

I hope you enjoyed looking around
and maybe
I got you in the mood to visit a
Christmas Bazaar near you!
Thanks for stopping in
Happy Crafting!


  1. They are all fabulous. Love that mirror changed into a chalk board.

  2. Skates for $7.00??? You scored!!! I agree that it is so hard to do your own artwork when there is so much to see out there! But your hint for the Christmas card is making me anxious for the reveal!! Hurry... hurry! BTW, I am now your newest follower!! I know how exciting it is to know others are looking forward to reading your blog. Count me in!!

    1. Thank you so much Kadee for joining my blog! I have been a huge fan of yours, you are such a wonderful inspiration, thanks for sharing your talent!

  3. You are a wonderful, very creative crafter! I really enjoyed your photos! Happy to see you today!

  4. Love the sled! And the skinny snowman is just adorable.

  5. Your cards look like they are really lovely, Diana! Love your decorations! I've been looking for an affordable ice skate for a few years now.