Saturday, September 6, 2014

A little knit and purl...

Hello everyone,
hope everyone is having a great weekend!
Sorry no card in this post,
I thought I share a little 
knit and purl today!

I finally finished my knitting project
I started a few month ago.
I love playing with yarn during the colder
month, not so much in the summer.
I guess you could say "I'm a seasonal knitter" :-)
But I already had my eyes on a new 
crochet fall scarf, 
if you are like me I'm always burning to get
the new project started and
before you know it you have a few things going
at the same time and nothing finished.
So for a change I made myself finish the pillow
before starting the new scarf.
Well it took me all summer but here is
the finished pillow.
Yarn is Charisma from Loops & Threads,
off white and very soft.

Almost there!
The pattern is reversible.
I choose the flat/smooth side for my pillow.
Coconut buttons.
Hurray, DONE!

Cast-on even number of stitches. 
First row knit one purl one. 
Second row knit all. Repeat pattern of  row one and two.

Now off to my new fall scarf!

Thanks so much for stopping by!
Have a wonderful weekend!


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