Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Were has the Year gone?

are you asking yourself the same question?
It sure went by fast!
Looking back, I have to say it's been a good one.
No major disasters, just a few bumps in the road,
like the Easter Bunny bringing us
a new furnace instead of chocolate eggs
and our riding mower giving out around the same time.
And me not always sticking to my new years resolutions,
like writing a blog post every 2 weeks,
sorry everyone, I had good intentions!!!
Well, what you gona do, life went on
and we worked through all our ups and downs
and made it to the end of the year just fine.

It's always been a good year when we could find
some time in our busy schedule to do
some traveling.
Nothing big this past year,
a trip to Kentucky Lake and 
a trip home to Louisiana for some well deserved R&R.
Visiting family and friends, eating the best seafood in the world,
fishing and did I mention some very good eating.

A plantation visit is a must when visiting Louisiana.
 Beautiful San Francisco Plantation in 
St. John the Baptist Parish.
 A little side trip down to Grand Isle.
 A magnificent place for bird watching...
 ... and fishing.
 And no visit home is complete without a stop
in New Orleans.
 I absolutely love this city.
So rich in history, color, flair,
it just takes your breath away and 
you fall in love.

And if you in the city I highly recommend a... 
 ... Jazz Cruise on the Natchez.
We did the daytime lunch cruise.
The food was fantastic, the Jazz was great
 and the sights breathtaking.
My Beautiful Crescent.

Yes, looking back it was a great year and 
I can't wait to go back to Louisiana very soon.
And I think that is the only new years resolution I'm going to make
because it is the only one I'm going to keep!!!
With this I'm closing this last blog post of 2014,
wishing you and yours 
a safe and prosperous 
New Year!
See you all in the new year!


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  1. Happy New Year, Diana! Beautiful pics of New Orleans and the plantations. Spent two years in La. back in 2000-2002. Had a blast and got so fat on all the good food!