Sunday, August 9, 2015

Front Porch Sitting!

Hello everyone
and welcome to my Front Porch!
I apologize in advance,
"Sorry" no card in this short post!
 The weather is been just to nice to 
be inside in my stamp-room.
So I moved to our front porch,
the perfect spot for
reading, knitting or just sitting (daydreaming)!
 I started this beautiful fall colored cowl last night.
Yarn is Loops & Threads - Elegance.
 And if you like yarn, knitting and murder,
here is one of my favorite "A Knitting Mystery" series
by Maggie Sefton.
"Purl up and Die" is the latest in her series.
Sorry, another scarf,
I hope you are not getting tired looking at them.
Found this beautiful red sparkling yarn 
(Loops & Threads - Payette)
at Michaels.
I made this one for a friend who is a
Louisville Cardinal fan!

Thanks for stopping in,
and I apologize for the short post
but you guessed it
I have some more
"Front Porch Sitting"
to do before this weekend is over!
Have a wonderful week!



  1. I LOVE seeing you knit, I only know you as a card maker....and although I love your cards, I really enjoyed seeing the knitting!! My knitting teacher loves to read, I am going to look in to that book for her!!

    The red scarf will be perfect for your friend!!

  2. I started a cowl today too, purple of course!!