Sunday, December 4, 2016

Proud Mom and the Hustle and Bustle of the Season!

Happy Sunday to y'all!
Can you believe it's the second of Advent already,
3 more weeks to Christmas,
and I'm running so...o behind on everything
including posting on the blog!
Sorry, but I have a great excuse,
our youngest son graduated from OSUT.
We are so proud of him and
Yes, we made the trip to Georgia twice over the last
30 days to visit for Family Day and
for the Turning Blue Ceremony/Graduation!
 Our little boy all grown up,
I'm tearing up just typing this post,
but adding Army Mom to my title makes 
me very very proud!
 Words can not describe what I felt that day.
Proud and sad at the same time,
knowing that in just a few short moments we had 
to say goodbye to him
and he was leaving for his new duty station.
It's hard to put it into words and I know
I will never stop worrying about him.
Finally got his picture framed and
working on the embellishments.
Not quiet done yet, 
I want to add all his duty stations and dates
 onto the right site of the frame but
haven't figured out how yet.

 Our handsome Infantryman!

And finally after all the hustle and bustle
of traveling we finally got our tree up this weekend.
 Same ornaments as last year with the 
exception of.. 
 ... Mr. Mouse and
 ... Mrs. Mouse.
Found these two adorable critters at a
Cracker Barrel Store somewhere between
Kentucky and Georgia.
Very appropriate ornaments for a household
 with 3 cats.
 And my gigantic stocking is hung too.
HeHe, looks like I been a real good girl this year!!! 
 Love using bottle brush trees for decorations,
actually you can find them all over our house
and not just around the holiday season.
 Another new addition to our 
Christmas decorations is this little
ladder made out of old tobacco sticks and
chicken wire.
Hope to display some of our Christmas Cards
on this little ladder. 
My old quilt stocking.
I adore old and new quilts,
so whenever I come across something made out of 
old quilt pieces it is hard for me to resist not to buy.

I hope you enjoyed the little tour 
through my 
Christmas decor!?
How is your Christmas decorating coming along?

Thank you so much for stopping by,
hope you have a wonderful
Holiday Season!


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  1. Oh how proud you must be of your son, Diana! How handsome he looks in his infantry uniform. Your Christmas tree looks beautiful. Mr and Mrs Mouse are adorable! Love the new ladder. How wonderfully festive your lovely home looks.