Saturday, February 4, 2017

Texas bound!

Hello everyone!
I hope y'all enjoying your weekend?

I finally sorted through all my pictures
of my little Texas excursion
and here they are.
A lot of them are taken from the moving car,
we had a 4 day deadline,
doing his DITY move from Kentucky to El Paso 
and getting me back to Kentucky, LOL!
The crazy things you do for your children!!!
Oh and the Army!!!
 Hello Dallas...
 ... Goodbye Dallas! 
 Six Flags over Texas
 Fort Worth
 Can it get any flatter?
 Yes, we are still in Texas!
 Hurrah, we finally can see the mountains!
 What's the hurry?
We just want to get there...
 ...finally, El Paso!
1436 miles and 2 days in the car!

 El Paso from the mountain side.
 The local vegetation is a bit on the prickly side!

 Beautiful mountain range.
Sadly we didn't had much time for site-seeing
but never the less I had a wonderful adventure,
made great memories 
and spend some precious time with my son!
 Definitely looking forward to my next visit
to El Paso
hopfully, this time with Hubby
we are flying the next time around!

Thanks for stopping by,
hope you enjoyed the picture!
See you next time!


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