Saturday, September 2, 2017

Vanity Makeover!

Happy Labor Day weekend
 to everyone!

Since I have been home on vacation for a few days
I finally gotten around on catching up on some 
things who needed attention.
Cleaning out the garage, shed and basement, washing windows...
 just to name a few items on my long list of things to do.
I also finally gotten together enough courage to 
refinish the little vanity/dressing table 
I purchased at a moving sale for $15 a few years back
and yes, 
I unearthed again while cleaning out the garage,
the things you find while cleaning. LoL.

The vanity actually came with a mirror attached to the back
but since I'm reinventing the purpose
 I decided not to reuse the mirror. 
Here is the vanity before the makeover.
Love those cute ornate legs.
 After doing a little research I decided to use Valspar Primer,
Chalk Paint and Sealing Wax. 
Our local Lowes had quite a few color choices
but since I wanted the piece to be neutral I 
picked Valspar Chalk Paint in  color "Kids cloves".
 I cleaned the vanity before applying the Primer
 and then let the primer dry for a few hours before applying
the chalk paint.
 Depending on how many coats of paint you need
make sure to let them dry thoroughly
in between applications.
 I let the paint dry overnight before applying
the sealing wax the next day. 
 I was surprised how easy it was to apply the wax and how fast it dried.
 By evening we were able to move the piece to it's new destination.
However I waited another agonizing 24 hours before putting anything on it
aka decorating it.
My new cute little desk in the basement
which holds now all my knitting/crocheting needles
and other knitting paraphernalia.  
I also kept the original hardware.  
 this was way easier then I thought it would be
and may I say
it turned out quite cute 
for my first makeover project.

Thank you so much for stopping by.
Have a wonderful
Labor Day weekend!



  1. It turned out wonderful . . . $15 that was a great find and now it is lovely.

  2. Your desk is a beautiful find and what a bargain! It looks wonderful with the chalk paint. I must say it looks perfect where you have placed it.

  3. That's brilliant for your first project. I especially love the legs.

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