Friday, January 18, 2013

It's a party!

"Grow your Blog!"

Hello everyone 
welcome to my humble blog!
I always wanted to start a blog, 
a place were I could share
all the little things I love to do, 
but never had the courage to do so.
In a way I was afraid that I could not find the right words to say
or my little creations just weren't pretty or good enough to share with anyone!
But one day in May of 2011 I just sat down,
got all my courage together
"My Paper Daisy" 
was born.
Yes, it was a labor of love, lots of pain
and a few not so nice words,
 to the first post actually happened.
I learned in leaps and bounds
(still do)
but the best of all,
 along the way,
I met a lot of wonderful creative people who
keep inspiring me in a wonderful way!

 This is were the magic happens!
I love this spot, sometimes I just sit there
looking out the window, DAYDREAMING!
 For right now I took over what used to be our study...
 ... yes, I know, I need to get organized!
I promise its on my to do list for the new year!
Also my blog started out to be mostly about
my love to stamping, card-making and
 ... lately I also started sharing my
 little addiction with fiber.
Mostly knitting and crocheting, you never can have enough yarn!
This is my newest project,
a new scarf!
And ever now and then there will be a post
about all the beauty that surounds me!

Well, enough about me,
I think I will go blog hopping now!
Thanks for stopping in and
giving me the opportunity to share a little of my
creative life with you!
A special thanks to
2 Bags Full
for hosting this wonderful event!




  1. Hello Diana, I'm happy you did start your blog for I love your work. And o my, I totally need to get organized too :)
    LOVE the old typewriter! I'm very fond of those.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me such a sweet comment.

    Hugs and wonderful weekend to you,

  2. I'm visiting from Vicki's GYB Party.
    You have some lovely cards that you have made...I make cards too (you can see them over at but I don't have fancy equipment (I wish I did! We just can't really afford it at the moment) just stuff I buy on discount. Still, I'm going to follow you to get inspiration for my cards.

  3. Love your blog and always enjoy finding a fellow yarn lover! I am also a fairly new blogger and know exactly what you mean! Sometimes just jumping in is all it takes:-) Look forward to hearing more!

    Your newest follower!

  4. i love how cheerful your blog is - glad for the blog party. have a great day. please stop by blog for a while. take care. enjoy the weekend. ( :

  5. Fun place to visit. I will be back to see your paper creations and find some inspirations!

  6. Wow! You're so lucky to have a sewing room. I'm going to enjoy following your blog. Best wishes.

  7. Hello!
    Thank-you for comments you left on my blog <3
    I agree with you - you can NEVER have too much yarn! Your home-on-the-web looks lovely and I am looking forward to following along on your crafty adventures.

  8. Hi Diana! So glad to have found you via Vicki's party... I am your newest Follower so I can come back to read more about your craft projects!

  9. Hi Diana,
    I'm visiting via the GYBP event. Glad I stopped by to see your blog and creative projects. I'll stop in again soon...

  10. i'm a new follower - found you through the gyb party. hopefully, you'll stop by and visit me as well. happy creating!

  11. Hi, Diana - thank you for dropping by my blog earlier! I'm looking forward to having a trawl through your creations here - but in the meantime, I love the colour of the yarn you're using for your scarf! Please show us the finished artical so we can all admire it!

    As for 'organising' - in my view anything that's too tidy and neat suggests it doesn't get used so well! As long as you know how to access everything you need why waste 'creative' time keeping it all in regimental order! (well, that's my lazy excuse, anyway! ;-p)

    Lovely to meet you - now following!

    SueH The Knitting Assassin!
    Twitter – @Librarymaid

  12. Hello Diana,
    What a wonderful way to meet like minded women. So glad that Vicki "Grow Your Blog"has gone to such an effort to showcase so many blogs. Creative and generous...Your blog is very creative and inspiring. Thanks for coming over to say hi.

  13. Hi there..just adding my name to your followers list. I just love the people we meet on here. Blessings

  14. So nice to meet you through Vicki's party. I attend a Stampin' Up workshop monthly with a small group of women and I enjoyed looking at some of your cards.
    I'm a new follower and hope you will come to visit my blog.

  15. As addictions go, they are positive addictions. I know what you mean about sitting a daydreaming. But, sometimes that helps us get out thoughts together. I find I do that most when I have started a card and just don't know what direction to go.

  16. With a window that large and lovely I can see why you get a little distracted :) Thank you so much for visiting my blog and I look forward to your future posts :)
    - Jeanette

  17. You have a lovely blog. I'm a new follower and participant of 'Grow your Blog'. Have fun at the party!
    Evalina, This and that...

  18. I'm nominating you for a Liebster Award!!! Check out my post with the details and let me know if you have any questions! It's all about new bloggers getting to know each other and motivating each other!


  19. I became a new lucky to have that beautiful window to create by....thanks for visiting my blog...come back often and pick up a challenge or two...I have many listed on my blog sidebar...scrolled thru your blog...some super nice projects...loved your Hello Kitty card!!!

  20. Hi Diane - just popped in to say hello, and have loved visiting your blog. So glad you took the leap and started your lovely blog. I look forward to following your crafty adventures :-)
    Happy Monday,

  21. Lovely blog
    follow me :)

  22. Hello Diana
    Lovely to meet you at Vicki's party - thank you for visiting me!

    I'm now following your blog too - I love all things creative!
    I'll be back to visit when you post again and then I can have a good look around!
    Shane ♥

  23. Enjoyed meeting you through Vicki's GYB party.

    I love the valentine cards you made

    If you have a chance, Come visit me at


  24. Hello Diana, I am happy to visit for Grow Your Blog! Yay! Isn't it a fun party? I love it! You have such an upbeat positive blog, that is what I love about it. That and your lovely art!
    I thought I was already a follower, but I wasn't in your I followed, and I am now following you on Pinterest too.

  25. Hello Diana - I am here from 2 Bags Full.

    I love your cheery banner and the daisy's scattered on the page. It makes me smile.

    I had a lovely time browsing your blog and looking/drooling over your many paper craft items. And I love the idea of the flower band as I don't like things around my neck as well.

  26. visiting via Vicki's GYB Party; your wallpaper is beautiful!

  27. Hello Diana - I'm so glad I came to visit you here. You have such a fab blog - there is so much to see including your lovely creative space which is so well set up. It makes creating so pleasurable too.
    I wish you lots of luck and many rewards through blogging and I will come back after I look at your flickr images.
    Cheers for now,

  28. Hello Diana, it is so nice to meet you! Your blog is so cute and inspiring! I appreciate your having popped by my blog and leaving a sweet comment.
    I want that typewriter you are displaying some rubber stamps on, lol :D I am your newest follower as I think we just might be kindred spirits. I too love stamping and card making and paper arts and, and, and... but recently I have rekindled my love of fiber and have been crocheting and knitting again. I am even hoping to learn to spin my own yarn this year!

    Well, off to visit a few more blogs,
    Hugs and talk again soon,
    Beth P

  29. Hello Diana, so you are a fellow German in the US, just like me! I came here 12 years ago, not quite as long ago as you did. Your blog is lovely, I like your creative space. I will definitely be back! Tschuess!

    1. Hallo Carole, toll Dich kennenzulernen!
      Diene Bilder sind einfach toll!!!
      Danke fuer Deine Besuch, bis bald!

  30. What a lovely Blog - looking forward to seeing more projects... the scarf and card and wonderful. Hugs from Alaska. Karen (

  31. My craft room looks like yours, but it is STILL my favorite room to spend time in! Go figure. 'Nice to meet you!

  32. Hi, I'm visiting from Vicki's GYB party. I love your blog look! And the creative space in your home looks very inspiring. Stop on over for a visit! Sandy @ Hob Nobbers