Saturday, February 23, 2013

Happy Hoops!

Happy Saturday to everyone!
AH, so glad the weekend is finally here!
Today I'm sharing a card my youngest son asked me to make 
for one of his friends.
After getting the basic info out of him,
like, "What does he like?"
"What team?"
Mom went to work.
Digging through my stamp collection,
I couldn't quiet find what I wanted,
but remembering I had a sports Cricut cartridge,
Sports Mania, saved the day!

 Yes, of corse, the colors had to be blue for
the University of Kentucky!
After I cut the hoop I added a piece of clear plastic
 (piece of old packaging)
 to the back to make it look a bit more real.
My son was a happy customer and with
"WOW, Cool Mom and Thanks"
he went to his party!
And I'm a happy Mom, glad to be of service!!!

Look what joined my Snowdrops this week...
... sweet little purple Irises!
One by one, blooms and colors are slowly returning to our yard,
it feels so good  and I'm so ready for the gloomy days of winter to be OVER!

Enjoy your weekend everyone
and thanks for stopping in!



  1. Your card is fabulous! I bet he'll be really happy with it! I love how you got the right colours and did a logo.

    You must be just ahead of our weather. Snowdrops are blooming but no crocus bulbs yet. I think I want to cheat and buy a little pot of crocus in bloom and pop them in the ground. i am so ready for spring!

  2. what an awesome card diana, so nice that your son was so proud of it!! i am waiting for my crocus, checking every day. still nothing!!

    so excited for spring, it won't be long now!!

  3. Very super cute card for a boy!!! And lucky you to have "blooms" a;ready...I have quite a wait yet!!

  4. Oh I am so jealous! You already have blooms of things...while I'm sitting here up to my nose in snow, yep that's right the white stuff and lots of it. Yikes and with more on the way tomorrow (Tues) and another storm right behind that one for the end of the week, sheesh! We need to move south, lol!
    Well, just popped over to say Hi and to see what you were up to.
    Hugs and enjoy your week,
    Beth P

    1. Don't be, the weatherman forecasted more of the white stuff around here by Wednesday and everyday after well into the weekend. Hope my little flowers will survive the next round of deepfreeze:(
      Thanks for dropping in, have a wonderful week and stay warm!!!

  5. yay, spring is taking over!!! Love your card! I think it's the hardest thing to make a cool boys card and you nailed it, great job! Hugs and happy weekend, Wendy