Friday, April 26, 2013

A bird, a nest, a tire and memories of Paris...

... Hello everyone, 
with spring finally arriving so did our birds.
Our yard is buzzing and I love waking up in the morning 
to the sound of birds singing.
And yes they are busy building their nests,
sometimes in the most  unusual spots you could imagine.
This nest is a relocated one,
oh yes you heard right,
it started out and who ever would have thought
a bird would pick this location,
on the back tire of our truck?!?!?
We do not know what bird it was 
but one thing is for sure,
it was a fast builder.
The nest literally appeared overnight,
from parking and wanting to leave the next morning,
just a few short hours, there it was.
What to do, I felt bad enough the nest had to go?!
Glad that there were no eggs in it, 
I decided to move the nest into the tree right beside the driveway.
More for decorative purposes then anything else.

  To our surprise, just three days later,
the nest was renovated and had new owners.
Mrs. Robin and three beautiful blue eggs have moved in:)

And another beautiful surprise, this one I found in my mailbox!!!
Absolutely gorgeous earrings,
a gift from my blog friend Rachel.
Thanks so much Rachel they are absolutely beautiful! 
Visit Rachel's blog
and take a look at her wonderful jewelry creations.

Last but not least
my memories of Paris.
 I love Paris and anything french,
never been there but one can dream!
A little bit of everything,
I wanted the card to look like a scrapbooking page,
with things you would have collected and 
brought back from your travels,
precious memories.
All the things you seen...
... cherished ..
... and will dream about!
Getting travel fever yet...
... I sure do!

Large Eiffel Tower - Stampabilities
Tour Eiffel - Hero Art/Paris France set
Hot Air Ballon and Ticket - Hampton Art
Background - Tim Holtz Stamps and Embossing folder

Thanks for stopping in!
Hope you enjoyed looking around!



  1. you should go to paris, save all your momentos and make beautiful cards and scrapbook pages!!

    lucky you, having babies!!

    have a happy weekend!!

  2. I love the nest story! Oh and I also received a gift of earrings from Rachel... isn't she the best?!
    Beth P

  3. Your earing are so lovely...what a wonderful gift!
    I like the Paris inspired cards...One day you may still go!
    PS loved the pictures of the robins eggs...they are so, so blue!

  4. Why do robins build their nests in such strange places? It's funny how your relocated nest was used;maybe the original birds found it? Your card is so pretty! I love the collage style. Paris is on my bucket list for sure! I like your new earrings;it's awesome to get jewelry in the mail! have a great week!

  5. I'm glad that the nest got relocated and a robin moved in! I love to wake up to the sound of birdsong as well - it's so beautiful and peaceful.
    Your Paris card is beautiful - so very well done.

  6. Your Paris card is beautiful Diana! can definitely dream :)
    I'm so glad that the robin decided that your selection of nesting places was a good one too!
    Thank yo so much for your sweet note at my place.

  7. Those eggs in the next are so sweet - what a beautiful color.

    Love your Paris card. I am working on keeping my new workspace organized so I can pop in and create cards when I feel like it.

  8. I am go glad you liked the earrings! Thanks for the lovely blog post! I love, love, love the Paris card!

  9. Thank you so much for visiting me...your blog is lovely and the colour of those eggs is amazing. Love your are so creative. Blessings for a great week.