Saturday, April 13, 2013

HURRAY... Spring...

... finally arrived in our neck of the woods!
After a few days in the 80's and a little rain
things just popped literally overnight!
 Bleeding Heart
 First Tulips of the season.
 One of my favorite trees in the yard 
is this Star Magnolia.
It is usually the first one in full bloom this time of year.
Sadly it does not last very long.
 Our yard is a sea of purple Violets!

 Little Grape Hyacinth.
 Our back yard, needs mowing really badly!
And thats were I spend most of today,
picking up sticks...
 ... and burning them.
Ready to mow tomorrow! 
 I could not resist yesterday!
I just had to stop at the nursery and 
buy some veggies plants.
Oh, I'm soo..oo ready to get the veggie patch going!!!
I know it's to early but
I'm having a hard time being patient 
especially since the weather is so nice.
Love spending more time outside
 after being cooped up all winter!
I found this metal caddy, 
I think it came from or was an old toolbox,
A neet place to visit, with thousands of sq. feet of cool stuff!
The caddy will get transformed into 
 my new portable herb garden,
as soon as the Hubby picks up some potting soil at the store!

Don't you all Love Spring,
did you all plant anything yet?
Hope you all have a sunshiny weekend
thanks for stopping by!


  1. Lovely pics of all those beautiful flowers. I'm still waiting for Spring and hoping that our garden has survived all the late snow!
    Have fun tending your veggie patch.

  2. Loved all the spring blooms...That star magnolia is so DD has one and I always enjoy walking post it in the mornings when I go to babysit!