Sunday, June 16, 2013

Empty Nest Symptom...

Hello everyone,
I know this day would come sooner or later,
yes, I'm suffering the empty nest symptom...
 ... from this...

 ... to this in just a few short days!
It was so much fun watching them grow up and
I'm glad I got a picture of the last remaining Robin before he
worked up enough courage and 
decided to follow his parents and siblings into our yard.
It was kind of sad to see them go
but on the up side
"we can use our front door again"!
 But my bird watching days are not quiet over yet.
A Cardinal decided to build her nest in the rose bush
right in front our dinning room window
and last week 3 chicks hatched.
Sorry, no card this week!
I been spending many hours in my other
 favorite place lately,
It's the most relaxing place after a long day of work.

Recently I been seeing a lot of Succulents popping up in stores,
gorgeous colors, shapes and sizes,
so I thought I give them a try.

Someone posted a great picture on Pinterest
planting them in an old vintage birdcage.
Digging through our shed I found this old cage,
not vintage but not to bad looking,
what do you think?

Thanks for stopping in!
Have a wonderful week 
and maybe you find some time to 
relax in your yard or start a new
Succulent project!


  1. So sweet! They grow up so fast!LOL. Thanks for the peek into your garden. I really like the succulents in your birdcage: a very cute idea!

  2. so cute!!!! and the cage is definitely not bad! it's best! :)