Sunday, June 2, 2013

Happy Retirement and News from the Nest...

Happy Sunday everyone!
Wow, I cant believe the weekend is almost over,
back to work tomorrow :(
But I have to admit I had a very lazy Saturday,
well, a my kind of way lazy.
Due to rainy weather I was confined to the
HeHe and stamp-room bound!
I hate to say it but sometimes I need a rainy day!!!
And this is what I did on my lazy day...
 ... one of my dear friends is retiring this week
and I was in dyer need of a card for her.
 I decided to do this easel card for her,
all in different shades of pink.

 A little glassine bag holds a little tag,
sorry I did not get a picture of the tag,
but it says 
"Enjoy the Journey"
I can't wait to give it to her,
she is been looking forward for this day
for a long time!
Happy retirement dear friend,
so well deserved!

Sorry I could not post with out an 
update from the nest.
It's getting a little tight in the nest.
They sure are keeping mom and dad busy with the
feeding duties.
I have to say they are looking like little space aliens 
with their little fluff on their heads!

Have a wonderful week
thank you so much for stopping in!


  1. What a lovely retirement card! Aww, what sweet baby birdies!

  2. the card is just so beautiful and i'm in awe seeing that nest!!! thank you for sharing that with us :)

  3. I really love that card! I've left the card making arena, sold all of my supplies in my Etsy shop a month or so ago in order to pay for my new addiction, wool and spinning! LOL! Now, when I see a gorgeous card like yours I look fondly back at my card making days! thanks for sharing the baby birds as well!
    Beth P

  4. Goodness.... that card is absolutely amazing! You've got some crazy skills going on!
    The babies are delightful, they grow up so fast---- I hope you take a photo ever day--- before long they will be flying away. okokok, not before sitting around the nests edge and dropping a lot of poop all over the been there-done that.... and I'd let them do it again lol
    big hugs!

  5. what a wonderful easel design in delightful shades of pink !