Sunday, March 23, 2014

Just a bit more Green!

Hello and
happy first week of Spring to you!
HURRAH we actually made it!
You can feel the change in the air,
a little hint of green on the Willow tree,
spring flowers blooming and
a few warm enough days you can open the windows.
I can't wait to spend more hours outside and 
start planting.
Already,  pansies and cold crop are for sale
and I'm having a hart time not to buy,
but more snow in the forecast for next week!!! 
Passions, it can't last forever!

You have to excuse me,
I'm a little late on this post.
St. Patrick's Day milk carton treat containers.
 The milk carton is a Stampin'Up! die.
Shamrock a punch from Martha Stewart.
 "Pinch Proof" stamp from Stampin'Up!
 All other stamps are from "Studio g".
I filled the milk cartons with Hershey Gold Nuggets
for a sweet St. Patrick's Day treat.
 One more GREEN thing before I let you go.
Spring also means the beginning of 
Baseball season for us.
Greenwave Baseball that is!
 Our first week of games is off to a great start.
Our youngest is playing Junior Varsity and
Varsity this year.
Guess I will be living on a bleacher for a few month,
YAY lucky me!  
So proud! 
Thanks for stopping in,
hope you have a great week
and maybe you will be catching a game or two!



  1. ooohhhh i love baseball...both my boys played and i miss it so much!!

    your little green boxes are adorable, you have such talent!!

  2. Those cartons are ADORABLE!!! Most of the snow has melted from my backyard, but still a ton in my front yard. Most of the kiddos here are either playing baseball in mud or snow piles around here. LOL! :)