Sunday, April 13, 2014

Burlap Wreath!

Hello everyone!
First I need to apologies for
neglecting to post to my Blog,
but I have a good excuse...
... the weather!
It is absolutely gorgeous and
I been spending many hours outside,
partly getting the yard ready for planting season
and the other part on the bleacher watching
the boys play baseball.

But I got some creative time in too.
Recently our Public Library is offering 
"Burlap Wreath making classes",
absolutely totally for FREE!!!
Yes, I can't pass up a free thing
and since I didn't wanted to go by myself
I talked some girlfriends into coming along.
I have to tell you we had a

Here is my wreath from the first class,
made from an 12 inch base.
I found the wooden letter and frame at Michaels.
Not to bad for my first.

And this is the wreath from the second class.
This one was larger, 18 inch base,
and the burlap was a bit different.
I already had the 
"Happy Easter" sign 
and as you can see I cheated a little
and just hung it on the wreath.
Since the sign is not permanently attached
I can redecorate the wreath after easter is over.
The girls and I had so much fun we keep on 
going back for more,
HaHa, maybe we will end up with a wreath 
for every door in the house!!!

Thanks for stopping in!
Hope you all have a wonderful creative week
and maybe I inspired you to make a
"Burlap Wreath" for your door!


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  1. They look great. You have given me a great idea for an Easter wreath