Saturday, June 21, 2014


a great SUMMER welcome to everyone!
First day of summer and it feels like it
Hot and Humid!
No complaints here, after the winter we had,
I'm soaking in the sun!
Today's post is a little about everything,
seems like I been all over the board lately
but mostly I been spending my time outside.
After a long day's work, in a room with no windows,
my yard is my sanctuary and 
the best therapy you could ever imagine.
Well, here are some of my latest projects,
sorry no cards this time!
Remember the Easter burlap wreath,
yep, it gotten a makeover.
Bunny's are out and flowers are in.
Yes, I did it again, sometimes I just get carried away
with my projects and
forgot to take before pictures. SORRY!!!
This used to be an old beat up RED cork memo board and 
a wooden peg board I had laying around.
The cork was so badly worn even after spray painting  
it white it looked pretty bad.
 After playing with it for a while I decided 
to cover the cork with burlap.
What do you think?
Luck had it, the peg board was exactly the length
of the cork board.
When does that ever happen?!
The board adorns now a wall in my stamp room.
If you would like to see more of my NEW stamp room,
please join me and many other when
Karen Valentine of
"My Desert Cottage"
will host
"Where Bloggers Create 2014"
on July 12th.
Hope to see you then!
Just a few more pictures of my veggie patch.

Thanks so much for taking time and stopping by!
Your visits and comments mean a lot to me!
Hope to see you soon!
Enjoy the Sun!

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