Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sundae Shoes!

and Happy Sunday to you!!!
First I owe everyone a big apology
for being absent from Blog world for quiet a while.
But there is light at the end of the tunnel,
our Baseball Season came to an end this week,
with the boys losing in the Regional Tournament.

Due to the lack of time lately
my cards have been fast and easy layouts.
And as you can see
so is this
"Sundae Shoe" Birthday Card!
 Lots of layers and 
a little bit of sparkle.
Sundae Shoe stamp by Stampendous.
 Painting with dimensional fabric paint
not just for fabric.


I could not resist and use the same
layout for this
"King of the Grill" card.
 Stamps from "King of the Grill" 
stamp set by Stampin'up!.

Thanks for hanging with me, 
I'm sure looking forward for a bit more time 
in my stamp-room and lots of visits
with my blog friends.
Glad you took time and stopped by!
Have a wonderful week!


  1. Is the "they say it's your birthday" a Stampin' Up stamp? I love that little saying and might have to use my individual letter stamps to make a card with that saying.

    Cute cards!

  2. i always enjoyed baseball season. my boys are 30 & 31 now, they have not played in a long time ;)

    your cards are simply beautiful....they don't look fast or easy!!!

  3. very sweet cards. I remember the days of sports seasons. You can never get those special moments back so don't worry about can always pick up where you left off...with little ones you need to put the time in and build those beautiful memories.