Sunday, November 30, 2014

So many projects...

... so little time!!!
hope you and your family had a great
Thanksgiving and a wonderful start to
the Holiday Season!
I sure enjoyed every minute of this
long 4 day Thanksgiving weekend.
spending time with family and friends, a little shopping
and yes, lots of catching up on craftsy stuff.
As you will see I got quiet a bit accomplished.

I would like to start with the card I made for my
God-mothers upcoming December Birthday.
 Stamp from Hampton Art.
 One of my crocheted flowers.
 This card was super easy and fast to make.
Hope she will like it.

Finally finished the baby blanket for my
sons girlfriends brand new niece.
I found the free pattern at Modern Grace Design.
The pattern is very easy to follow,
I also adapted the size to make it a bit larger.

 And I even had time to make a little something for myself.
 My brand new boteh scarf.
Here is the link to Ravelry,
sorry, the pattern is not for free!!!
A little hint,
 I requested the book
The Best of Interweave Crochet: A Collection of Our Favorite Designs
by Marcy Smith
through my local Public Library
and got the pattern for FREE.
 Yarn is Red Heart, Boutique, Unforgettable
comes in multiple color combinations.
One thing I learned with this yarn is it is not easy to
crochet and not very forgiving (very hard to unravel) when you make a mistake.
But I love the color!!!

And last but not least some Christmas creations.
 Our local Library offered a program
on how to make your own
tomato cage Christmas tree.
Well what do you think,
not to bad for my first.
Didn't get it quiet finished that night,
added the decorations and some more mesh
for a fuller look at home.
Mesh and decorations are from WalMart.
 Christmas card production is in full swing,
cards are done...
... envelopes stamped.
Stamp "Evergreen Holiday" from
Ready to get them mailed.
I will post the Christmas card when they 
safely arrived at their destinations.

Really hate this long weekend is coming to an end,
still have a few unfinished projects I would like to get finished.
So much to do, so little time!!!
Hope you enjoyed looking around,
thanks for taking time and stopping by!
Have a wonderful week!


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