Saturday, February 21, 2015

It's a good Day to...

... hunker down and stay inside!
Hello everyone!
What a week, 
snow, ice, rain and -12 Brrr... degrees!
The only happy one in the family was our 
youngest son.
 Snow day, 4 to be exact.
He won't be looking so happy in the summer 
when he has to make all those days up.

After missing 3 days of  work
I was ready to brave the sub zero temps and 
slip and slide to work.
I made it and it
never felt so good to get out of the house!!!
The only good thing of not being able to go anywhere
was I got quiet a few things done.
Finally painted my laundry room and
I spent some quality time in my stamp room
to refurbish some of my card stash.
Here is one of the cards I made,
notice the bright yellow sunshiny colors,
wishful thinking on my side ;) 

 Sentiment from Stampin'Up! set "Watercolor Trio". 
 One of my handmade crocheted flowers and 
punched flower peddles.
I found the adorable denim ribbon at Michaels. 

 Wishing you a sunshiny day!

And I spend some time with a monkey.
Do you have a project you just can't get yourself to finish?
Well this is mine,
the monkey who is been hibernating in my knitting basket 
for the last year or so.
Well I made some head-waves.
Body, tail and arms are done.
Working on the ears right now
and have a muzzle to go.
Hope to get him all done for my next blog post,
keep your fingers crossed!!!

Thanks so much for stopping by!
Wishing you a sunshiny day 
and a great week!



  1. Love those sunshiny colors! Sounds like you got a lot done during those snow days. Hoping spring comes soon.

  2. so much snow!! I like the sunny yellow in your card and can't wait to meet your monkey. I have an official "MONKEY" room where we have over 100 sock monkeys. Our six granddaughters loved carrying them around like babies but one adult daughter refuses to sleep in there HA