Saturday, March 7, 2015

Feeling Green!

"Feeling Green" 
even so it's a tide bit
white outside!
Hello everyone,
so glad you stopped by on this snowy weekend!
 Yes, we received a fresh cover of snow,
so much so it stranded people on roads and interstates,
and closed businesses and schools,
very impressive for Kentucky in March!!!
Sure hope Mother Nature is done with
all this crazy weather and
we can move on to spring soon!
I guess with all this snowy stuff, I almost forgot 
that St. Patrick's Day is just a few days away,
but with a little scrambling I got the cards done
just in time to go in the mail by Monday!
 Stamps are from Stampin'Up! set "Pinch Proof".

 Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Remember my hibernating Monkey project?
 Well it made progress...
 ... stitch by stitch...
 ... eyes and nose...
 ... a pink hat and scarf...
... Hurrah, she is finally done!!!
Debating if she needs a tutu?!
What do you think!

Thanks for stopping by,
hope you have a great weekend 
don't forget to wear your green on
St. Patrick's Day!


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