Saturday, October 17, 2015

Road Trip!

Hello everyone,
I hope you all having a great weekend!
First I need to apologies for running
a little behind on posting anything
but I have a great excuse
"Fall Break"
a so needed and well deserved
Fall is the time for us to head south,
spend some time with family and friends,
and get some well deserved RNR!
And heading south means going home to
Louisiana, St. Tammany and 
the beautiful North Shore of Lake Pontchartrain!
 This year we were fortunate that the cabins at
reopened after they were destroyed by Hurricane Issac 
and we were able to rent one of the cabins right on/in the lake. 
 A little peace of paradise on the North Shore.
 I took a few books and my knitting along
but I have to admit neither reading nor knitting got done,
the magic and peacefulness of this place just captures you,
you just sit and try to soak it all in. 
 And we did a little kayaking...
 ... fishing at sunrise...
...and crabbing.
Don't worry, Mr. Crab was released after
his picture was taken!
I don't think he is smiling!
 The cabins.
There even is a little beach in the park.
Magical Live Oaks everywhere.

 And no trip home is complete unless we stop 
in the "Big Easy".
Lee Circle with the Super Dome in the background.
 If you ever in New Orleans you should take the time to stop
at the WWII museum.
We spent all day and I think we still missed a few exhibits.
 And last but not least,
one of my favorite things
the "St. Charles Trolley". 

Sadly we are back home,
back to work and school,
but we are always looking forward to our next
road trip 

To ya'll a wonderful weekend
and a great week!
Thanks for stopping by!


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  1. Oh my...your cabin was situated in the perfect spot...those views are stupendous. I'm not all surprised your knitting didn't grow or those books were unopened. Just to sit there and drink in that serenity would be heaven. 'Tis a pity holidays always seem to end too soon and one is back in the living of everyday life....but there is always the thought of the next holiday.