Sunday, April 24, 2016

Pineapple Shopping Bag!

Happy Sunday to you all!
Since the weather is 
absolutely fabulous today
and I have to catch up on some yard work,
I will keep this post short and sweet.

On my latest shopping trip to Michaels I came
across some new unusual yarn, not yet sure what to do with it
I bought it anyway.
In a way I'm not even sure you can call it yarn,
Bernat Maker Home Dec is definitely different from
what I usually use to knit or crochet with.
 Up for the challenge and a bit of searching on Pinterest
I came across the perfect pattern. 
A crocheted Pineapple Shopping bag!
 I used the pattern from the "Dolce Vita" site.
I just printed the two instruction sheets and
I promise you they are very easy to follow
even so they are not in English!!!
I recommend to enlarge the pattern before printing!
You can also find an English version on
 With the variegated yarn the pattern doesn't really
show very well.
 Loving my new jumbo size shopping bag!
 Pineapple close-up.
I chose Bernat Maker Home Dec "Pebble Beach Verg." for my bag,
the yarn sales in various colors one prettier then the other.

  Thanks for stopping by,
hope you liked my new pineapple bag
and maybe I got you inspired to crochet your own!
Have a wonderful weekend!


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  1. I do like the pineapple bag! You did such a good job, and the yarn looks pretty.