Saturday, April 9, 2016

On Safari in Louisiana!

Hello everyone
welcome to the
"Daisy" gone to the wild side
for a little visit to the
in Folsom, La.
What a fabulous place, it's like going on safari in Africa
but you are actually in Louisiana.
900 acres, over 4000 animals and
a 1.5 hour guided tour in a covered wagon.
And believe me it will get up close and personal!!!

 And off we go!
 It feels like the great migration is happening right here.
 I know you have some,
don't hold beck ...
 ... fill it up now...
 ... yes Mam, keep on pouring!!! 
 Sweet baby zebra.
 One of my favorites, the very handsome giraffes. 
 And the wild ride continues.
 Hello y'all, any food left?
 Pretty babies and proud mamas.

 Yes you can feed them to, just watch them horns,
they get a little wild on occasion.
Bonnie the Camel.
What an amazing adventure!

I took over 130 pictures and had a hard time 
to narrow it down to just a few for this post
but I hope you can see what a beautiful place the
Just one hint, 
you will need it!!!
We did the souvenir cups and ran out of food right
at the first feed stop,
believe me those zebras are bottom less holes and very demanding, 
thank god we could buy refiles and fill the demand!
Lesson learned!
 The Hubs and I decided we had so much fun 
we will be back for another visit.

I hope you had fun visiting my wild blog post.
Thanks for taking time and stopping by!


1 comment:

  1. This looks like a really fun place. Better than a zoo, it looks like the animals are well cared for and have lots of room to run around!

    Awesome captures of the beautiful animals. This would be a great place for me because walking is so difficult. It's nice to have a ride though and be able to enjoy all the animals from the comfort of the wagon!!