Sunday, August 28, 2016

Textured Afghan Planked!

Happy Sunday to everyone!
Well I did it again!
I started a new project before I finished my old one!
But I couldn't resist, the afghan was just to cute
and I really wanted to try out the pattern!
And best of all, I found the pattern book on our
Libraries bargain table, 25 cents,
now who could resist that?!
 Originally called "Pale Green Textured Blanked"
but after taking inventory of my yarn stash 
I decided on a bit different color theme.
The new color line up.  
 The bargain book.
"Crocheted Afghans" by Melody Griffiths.
Just love how the classic waffle stitch gives the 
afghan that wonderful texture.
I'm hoping to get the blanket done before the weather turns cooler,
oh yes, and my fall cowl too! 
Looks like I'm going to be busy 
knitting and crocheting the next few weeks!

Thank you so much for stopping in!
Hope you all have a great week 
maybe I got you inspired to start a new project! 


1 comment:

  1. Life is all the more interesting and fun when one has several projects on the go. Loving your new afghan. The shades you have chosen are so pretty.