Saturday, April 22, 2017

Rainy Day Knitting!

Hello everyone,
hope your weekend is of to a good start!
It a bit cold and rainy in Kentucky today
so I figured sharing some 
warm and cozy knitting projects with you
 would be appropriate. 

Yes, I finally finished my cowl,
or  the supposed to be cowl, LoL,
I changed my mind at the end and
decided not to join the ends.
So the cowl became a scarf!
 And who knows, maybe I will change my mind again?!
 Knitted with Classic Elite Yarn "Firefly" in color "Rust".
 So glad it's done,
I been working on this, on and off,
more off, since last July.
I get sidetracked easily with new projects... 
 ... but for the last few weeks I promised myself
I would not start another knitting project unless the scarf was done!!! 
And I did... is my newest adventure...
...Baby Fish Cocoon!
A gift for friends expecting,
you guessed it right,
a baby girl!
You can find the pattern in the book
"Knitted Animal Nursery" by Fiona Goble.
The pattern is super easy to follow 
and for the yarn I chose 

Baby Bee - Sweet Delight Chunky in Pink-a-boo marbled
Yarn Bee - Alpine Authentic in Purple multicolored

both found at Hobby Lobby.

A little tip! If you do not want to purchase the book,
just visit your local library and see if they can get it for you!!!
Our Library Rocks,
of course I work there!!!
Sorry, tooting my own horn here!!! 

 Thank you so much for stopping by,
have a great weekend
a wonderful week!


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