Sunday, June 18, 2017

Find My Fade!

Hello everyone
Happy Father's Day weekend
to all of you!
I hope you spoiled the special man
in your life today!
And to all the men, sons and daughters serving our country 
and cannot be with their loved ones today  
"Happy Father's Day"
Thank you for your sacrifice!

Well in case you have been wondered about all the knitting posts lately
"No" I have not giving up card making,
 just visiting with an old friend "knitting".
With the wonderful summer weather, 
this is a more portable craft to do outside.
Sitting on the porch or anywhere in the yard and knitting!
Sheer heaven! 
As promised in the last post here is my
 Fade Shawl 
line up.
 I'm still not sure about my last color, 
the bright green called "Appletini" by "Zen Yarn Garden".
The good thing, I have a bit to decide if I want to change it 
to something else.
This summer project will take a while.
 Section 1 and 2 done, ready for section 3 and the melting in part.
Section 1 and 2 are knit in color "Mike the Tiger" 
Zen Garden Serenity Glitter Sock.
 Section 4
 I love this color, 
shades of gold and pink,
"Anticipation"  by "The Yarn of Richard Devrieze".
Only 9 more sections to go...
... and oh no, I got a bit sidetracked again.
I decided to participate in a
by Kristina Vilimaite 
Hop on over and take a peek,
you might want to join this fun KAL project, 
the pattern is for free!

Well I off to the porch for some more knitting,
ready to start section 5 and some more color melding
 on my Fade shawl!
Thanks so much for stopping by!
Have a wonderful 
Father's Day
a great week!


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