Saturday, June 3, 2017

McNeedles or My kind of Heaven!

Hello everyone!
I hope you enjoying your weekend so far!

I know some of us got spoiled with a 4 day
 Memorial Day holiday weekend last week,
 so 2 days off seem like a little letdown.
I'm with you, weekends should be longer,
so we can do more fun stuff,
like a trip to my favorite yarn store
Why you ask is this my favorite store,
let me show you...
 ... Welcome to "McNeedles"
located in this beautiful old shotgun house in 
Lacombe, Louisiana.
When you open the door you will be welcomed 
by the sweetest Ladies you have ever met
and 2 adorable doggies.
So let's come on in and take a peek
at all the wonderful goodies.

 Is your mouth watering yet?
 It takes a while to take it all in.
 The hardest part is what yarn and color to choose 
because they are all so..o yummy!
Knitting bags and other accessories.
Samples and patterns.
More eye-candy.

The sweetest Ladies,
 Miss Pam and Miss Maria hard at work,
winding all that yarn I bought,
7 skins,
eternally thankful!
My arm probably would have fallen off 
doing it myself. 

 Every room filled with so much beauty.
I wished I could stay forever!
Adorable baby projects.
Oh no, I have to leave and go back to Kentucky,
I will be back in a bit 
and in the mean time there is online ordering, LoL,
don't tell the hubs!
 So what did I buy...
... well this is part of it.
The wound yarn in the middle is
 "Mrs. Crosby loves to Play" yarn
in color "Tiger Lily" which will  be part
of my "Find your Fade" shawl.
I will refile the other yarns and colors at my next post,
really hoping to start the shawl this coming week
soon as I get the other project finished.

I hope you enjoyed the little tour of 
and if you in the neighborhood please stop in and say "Hello"
just visit them online
I promise you won't be disappointed!

Thanks for stopping by!
Have a wonderful week!


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  1. Indeed, my mouth began to water from the very first photo of McNeedles. What a fun name for all things woolly. Thank you for opening the door and inviting me in, so much gorgeous colour. I love the yarn you purchased...can't wait to see what you make, Diana.