Saturday, November 11, 2017

Thank a Soldier!

 Hello everyone
Happy Veterans Day!

Sorry, no craftsy post today!

Today I would like to take the opportunity
to thank all the Veterans
who proudly served this country
and defended our freedom,
and all the men and women in uniform who 
are still serving and are laying their live on the line
every day to maintain our freedom
 and keep us safe!
Thank you 
from the bottom of my heart
for your dedication and sacrifices!
My two favorite veterans,
my sweet husband of 28 years
and our youngest son!

Adding Army mom to my titles
after being an Army spouse for over
25 years was a very proud day,
however it also comes with lots of worries,
anguishes and a lot of other feelings 
which are hard to describe.

So, to all the Mom's, Dad's
and Spouses out there
Thank you for
supporting your soldier
 and all the sacrifices you have to endure 
by being a military family!

Thanks for stopping by
don't forget
Thank a Soldier!
Happy Veterans Day!


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