Saturday, August 4, 2012

Wake on the Beach!

On our trips to Florida and the beautiful Gulf Coast I always cherish our walks on the beach.
Strolling along the white sandy beach with my eyes firmly pierced to the ground, 
not to miss a treasure.
Seashells, Beach glass, coral or even a sharks tooth.
I can't stop picking them up, filling mine and my husbands pockets.
After a few strolls down the beach however he gets tired packing my finds
and smilingly refuses to put any more in his pockets, which I know could easily hold
a few more goodies.
He thinks I had plenty to take home.
Oh NO, you never ever can have enough seashells.
One prettier then the other, how can you pick and choose,
you just have to have them all.
"Next time I will bring a BUCKET"
 Sunset at the beach, I love how everything is bathed in pink.
 So many wonderful shells...
... how could you leave them behind. 
 The colors of sunset and seashells gave me the 
inspiration for this card.
 I integrated some of my beach finds.
 A recycled brown fruit net makes the perfect fishing net.

The stamps set I used on the card is Stampin'Up! "Along the Shore".
Paper is called French Flea Market from Bella Bella by Carina Gardner

Hope everyone has a great and creative weekend!
Thanks for stopping in!


  1. This is a fabulous card. I love the way you added the shells...I do the netting too...sometimes I use a brown hairnet like waitresses used to wear!

    1. Thanks!
      A hairnet, what a great idea, I'm about to run out of my brown fruit bags and I could not find them anywhere anymore. Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. You should have had him pull out the bottom of his shirt and use that as a "basket" LOL.... great/fabulous seashells you've collected and use in your art! Lucky you!