Saturday, August 25, 2012

Fiber fever!

As fall is approaching and cooler temperatures are setting in
 I'm slowly getting back to my other passion's
knitting and crocheting.
A little while ago a friend told me about a little fiber store named
"Blueball Mountain Spindle & Needleworks"
just down the road from were I live.
So today I was in the neighborhood and decided to stop in.
 WOW, just like the little yarn stores in Germany.

 Look at all the gorgeous colors and yarns,
don't you just wand to dive in.
I had a very hard time to make up my mind what to buy.
 More natural fibers for dying.
 Ah, I could have spend hours there, 
squeezing and feeling all the wonderful balls of yarn.
Yep, I'm a fiber squeezer, 
every time I go through a yarn isle I just have to squeeze them.
Just can't help myself.
Well, after circling several times I bought this wonderful 
green and gray silk yarn.
Both will make wonderful lacy scarfs!

So if you ever in or around Elizabethtown, Kentucky stop in the
"Blueball Mountain Spindel & Needleworks"
store, it's a real treat.
Or visit the store website
or blog


  1. Now that looks like a store where you could find tons of inspiration!
    I think I'd want to touch each and every skein. LOL
    hugs Lynn

  2. The yarn all looks so prettily displayed. You must of been inspired after seeing the gorgeous displays.


  3. Diana, thank you for the lovely review of my little shop! I am so pleased that you enjoyed it. It is definitely a labor of love and I so appreciate hearing your thoughts and impressions. I love your blog and I am honored to have been a part of it. Please do come by again and show me what you created with your new yarn.



    1. Thanks Luna, glad you liked the post! Yes, I will stop by soon, how could I stay away with so many wonderful goodies!

  4. Diana, thank you for leaving a sweet comment on my blog for the Baby Boy Blue BBTB2 challenge. I have scrolled down to this point, admiring what I saw before this...and I stopped on the YARN. I knit and crochet while I sit at night. This shop looks wonderful.
    Nice to hear from you. Yikes, I see Word Verification and I hope I can get this through.