Saturday, March 30, 2013

Wishing you a Sweet Easter!

Happy Easter Weekend to everyone!
And sorry I have been kind of absent 
from the blog world lately!
I have a good excuse so,
Yap, already, even so it feels more like Football weather
sitting on the bleachers every night,
winter coat - mittens - blanket - hot coco or 
coffee mocha extra strong for me,
my youngest sons playing season started about two weeks ago.
So far the boys are of on a rocky start
and I really hope it will get better for them as the season progresses!

Since I didn't have much time this year
I had to find some quick and easy 
things to make for Easter.
Like this...
... Peat pot easter basket!
 Filled with sweet Easter goodies!

 ... and this adorable Easter Bunny bag.
The bag itself is a die cut and all the other bunny parts
 are punched, super easy and fast.
 Well, I cheated on my Easter card. Kind of!
This is last years card, I made and
never got to mail, so,
they actually made it into the mail this year!
 My little Easter trio!
This was our yard on Tuesday,
snow on our spring flowers.
Will spring ever come to Kentucky?
And I think we suppose to get more of the white stuff next week!!!

Wishing everyone a Wonderful and Happy Easter!
Thank so much for stopping in!


  1. What gorgeous spring projects!The little bunny bag is just too sweet! I hope you have a happy Easter! Sorry about the snow, I'm sure we'll be sweating in the summer heat soon! LOL

  2. Great project! The bunny bag is lovely...perfect for Easter!

  3. Such sweetness...Many Easter Blessings to you my friend....xoxo

  4. Happy Easter, I agree with Koralee,

  5. everything you create is oh so special. i hope you had a lovely easter!!