Sunday, March 13, 2016

Losing an Hour!

Hello and
happy spring forward
Sunday to you all!
I sure like the idea of having more daylight hours but
it will take me awhile getting use to the time change.
It always gives me the feeling I'm  running behind!
I know, whats new, I'm always running behind
so another hour shouldn't make a big difference.

I recently discovered my small addiction to 
"Art Impressions" stamps.
Yes, they are a bit different from my usual vintage
inspired cards, but they are tons of fun.
Well, here is the Birthday I made for my
sweet girlfriend, who you guessed it right
"Loves Wine"!
 Hampton Art "Art Impressions".
 Stamps work well with mix and match pattern 
and bright colored paper.
Everything goes, just let your imagination go wild. 
 Love using paper scraps for a bit more beSaz!
 Some rhinestones for the extra sparkle!
 "Wine gets better with age...
we get better with wine!" --
sentiment on the inside of the card.
Are you ready to go a little wild with "Art Impressions"?

 Spring has sprung in my flower boxes...
 and front porch. 
The big yellow egg is lit at night, ready for Easter!

Last but not least, 
I'm still playing with the knitted bracelets.
This beauty is adorned with two vintage buttons
I found at an Antique market.
 Loving the sparkle!

Thank you so much for stopping by
I hope you liked what you seen 
and come back often!
Wishing you a wonderful and creative week!



  1. Eek, I nearly had kittens when I read this. But our clocks don't go forward until Easter Sunday this year. Phew!

  2. The card you crafted for you friend is a lot of fun. More sunlight hours in which to create....sounds like a plan. Love those bracelets you fashioned....gorgeous vintage buttons.