Saturday, July 21, 2012

Just a few more pictures from Louisiana!

Just a few more pictures from our trip to

A Creole Sugar Plantation in Vacherie, La.
This is the place where the tales of
Br'er Rabbit was first recorded.

Look at this porch.
I can see myself sitting in one of those rocking chairs
and looking at the Mississippi River all day.

Oak Alley Plantation, 
just a short ride from Laura
This is what I alway imagined a true 
southern plantation should look like.
Including the old oak trees.

Ah, the pretty trees..

And yes, when you are in
Louisiana you need to do....
...a Swamp Tour!
Honey Island Swamp
the Pearl River!
Yep, it's what it says...
The nature and wild life was breath taking...
...and so close..
...and smiling...

It was the most amazing thing we did in a while.
Never thought I would see a gator close up
in mother nature.
Honey Island Swamp is a true paradise,
I hope it can be preserved for generations to come!
Just in case you interested in visiting 
Honey Island Swamp
this is the tour company we used
I give them 2 thumbs up!


  1. Breathtaking photos! I love that you gave credit to the tour company...that was so nice!

    1. Thanks, it was an experience we won't forget!

  2. I actually toured the Oak Alley Plantation. It was such a beautiful setting. I did the swamp tour too. You got some nice photos.


  3. How wonderful to see these photos of you trip Diana. I LOVED the photos of Laura. Such an amazing place to see.
    hugs from here...

    1. Thanks June,
      Laura was my favorite too. I think because it was so different from what I thought a plantation should look like. It was very humble and homey but very stunning in it's own way.
      Thanks so much for stopping in!