Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A little bit of Asia!

I hardly ever get to use my asian stamps,
I'm not sure why but I guess they never matched anything I wanted to do
or a theme I had planned.
This card was actually a layout challenge I decided to enter.
After digging through my stamp sets I decided to give 
this "Stampin'Up!" set called "Dream Gardens" a try.
Well what do you think?
The little fan is actually a gold painted doily cut in half and folded.
And can you guess what the chopsticks are made from...
... toothpicks with beads glued to the ends.  
My little flower pot on our back deck is doing surprisingly great this year 
despite the high heat and hardly any rain.


  1. i think the card is lovely, very creative!!

    and i really like you potted plant, and the beautiful trellis behind it!!

    1. Thanks Debbie. It's been a struggle to keep our plants alive this year.
      Thanks for stopping in!

  2. Diane,
    This is very pretty!I like the folded doily fan and the chopsticks (so clever!) It's funny because I have a few Asian stamps and haven't used them in a long time either. You flowers are pretty too. I know it's been a struggle for them this summer with the heat.

  3. Diana,
    Sorry I spelled your name wrong above. My contacts are blurry!

  4. Its beautiful I'd say you need to pull them out more often!
    Hugs Lynn